Mr. China: A Memoir

Mr. China: A Memoir

By Tim Clissold

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An elegantly written cautionary tale about doing business in the free-for-all atmosphere of China in the 1980s, and a coming-of-age tale for both the author and his fellow westerners who foolishly dreamed of conquering the vast Chinese market.


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Book Information

Publisher: Harper Business.
Publish Date: 02/28/2006
Pages: 288
ISBN-13: 9780060761400
ISBN-10: 0060761407
Language: English

Full Description

Mr. China tells the rollicking story of a young man who goes to China with the misguided notion that he will help bring the Chinese into the modern world, only to be schooled by the most resourceful and creative operators he would ever meet. Part memoir, part parable, Mr. China is one man's coming-of-age story where he learns to respect and admire the nation he sought to conquer.

About the Author

Tim Clissold has lived and worked in China for more than twenty years and has traveled to most parts of the country. After graduating with degrees in physics and theoretical physics from Cambridge University, and working in London, Australia, and Hong Kong, he developed a fascination with China.

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