Negotiate Without Fear: Strategies and Tools to Maximize Your Outcomes

Victoria Medvec

"Fear impedes negotiators' success in all types of negotiations and hinders negotiators at all levels.This book will provide a tool-based strategy that readers at all levels can deploy to increase confidence, become fearless negotiators, and maximize negotiation success. Novice negotiators are often fearful because of their inexperience, while seasoned negotiators are fearful because they have so much to lose if the deal falls apart. Included will be unique, proprietary negotiation strategies that Dr. Medvec has developed over her 20 years advising companies in all types of negotiations. These include Medvec's novel method to connect one's objectives to negotiable issues, an Issue Matrix to analyze the issues being negotiated and evaluate if the right issues are on the table, a proprietary BATNA Analysis Tool, a unique architecture for creating multiple equivalent simultaneous offers (MESOs) in a negotiation."--


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Book Information

Publisher: Wiley.
Publish Date: 07/14/2021
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9781119719090
ISBN-10: 1119719097
Language: Eng

Full Description

The tools you need to maximize success in any negotiation, at any level

With Negotiate Without Fear: Strategies and Tools to Maximize Your Outcomes, master negotiator, Kellogg professor, and accomplished CEO Victoria Medvec delivers an authoritative and practical resource for eliminating the fear that impedes success in negotiation. In this book, readers will discover unique and proprietary negotiation strategies honed over decades advising Fortune 500 clients on high-stakes, complex negotiations.

Negotiate Without Fear provides readers at all levels of negotiation skill the ability to increase their negotiating confidence and maximize their negotiation success. You'll learn how to:

  • Put the right issues on the table by defining your objectives for the negotiation
  • Analyze the issues being negotiated with an Issue Matrix to ensure you have the right issues to secure what you want
  • Establish ambitious goals using a proprietary tool to identify the weaknesses in the other side's best outside alternative (BATNA)
  • Leverage a unique architecture for creating and delivering Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers (MESOs)

Negotiate Without Fear belongs on the bookshelves of executives and all the dealmakers who work for them. Additionally, specific advice is provided in every chapter for individuals who are negotiating for themselves and in the everyday world. This book is an invaluable guide for anyone who hopes to sharpen their negotiating skills and achieve success in any arena.

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