Neville Goddard: Assumptions Harden Into Facts: The Book

Neville Goddard, David Allen

What do we know about The Law of Assumption. Does everyone understand it. Does everyone think it is a Law. Are there different kinds of Assumptions.


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Book Information

Publisher: Shanon Allen
Publish Date: 07/15/2016
Pages: 170
ISBN-13: 9780997280166
ISBN-10: 0997280166
Language: English

Full Description

What do we know about The Law of Assumption? Does everyone understand it? Does everyone think it is a Law? Are there different kinds of Assumptions? This book, which is a compilation from the books and lectures of someone who I personally consider The World's Greatest Mystic, Neville Goddard, explains, as no one else that I know of, what The Law of Assumption is, and how, when we understand it, we can shape our reality through the application of it in our lives.

Neville Goddard (1905-1972) is a man who has left his mark on the world, with subject matter, that during his lifetime, few others seemed to give their attention to. That is changing. The world is waking up and one day Neville Goddard may get more credit for it than he ever did during his lifetime. And it will be well deserved. - David Allen

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