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The New Normal: A Roadmap to Resilience in the Pandemic Era

Jennifer Ashton

From the Chief Medical Correspondent at ABC News comes a doctor’s guide to finding resilience in the time of COVID.


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Book Information

Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Publish Date: 02/09/2021
Pages: 288
ISBN-13: 9780063083233
ISBN-10: 006308323X
Language: English

What We're Saying

February 08, 2021

From ABC’s chief medical correspondent comes a must-read guide to surviving the continued challenges of the pandemic. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

February 24, 2021

"I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have all the answers—no one does. And the thing is, no one ever will—which is why it’s never about having all the answers in the first place and instead about knowing the right questions to ask." READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

In March 2020, “normal” life changed, perhaps forever. In its place we were confronted with life and routines that were unusual and different: the new normal. As we’ve all learned since then, the new normal isn’t just about wearing masks and standing six feet apart—it’s about recognizing how to stay safe and sane in a world that is suddenly unfamiliar. And no one understands this evolving landscape better than Dr. Jennifer Ashton. As ABC’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Ashton has been reporting on the novel coronavirus daily, helping Americans comprehend the urgent medical updates that have shaped the nation’s continued response to this public health crisis.

Now in The New Normal, Dr. Ashton offers the essential toolkit for life in this unfamiliar reality. Rooted in her reporting on COVID-19 and the understanding that the virus isn’t going anywhere overnight, The New Normal is built on a simple foundation: thriving in this evolving world demands accepting the new normal for what it is, not what we want it to be. No longer is wellness a buzzword, but an imperative for surviving this unprecedented time. Using her trademark practical, easy-to-follow advice, Dr. Ashton gives you all the necessary information to reclaim control of your life and live safely—from exercise, to diet, to general health—showing how to prepare your body and mind for challenges such as:

  • Taking proper medical precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • Exercising during the pandemic, even if you no longer feel safe at the gym
  • Finding emotional balance through these uncertain times
  • Deciphering complicated medical news to learn what to trust and what to ignore

With these straightforward and accessible strategies and many more, Dr. Ashton helps empower you to make the unexpectedly hard decisions about socializing, food-shopping, seeing doctors, and most of all, finding normalcy. At once reassuring and urgent, The New Normal is a holistic roadmap through the ongoing struggles of the pandemic, providing the guidance you need to navigate this unsettling time and take charge of your future wellbeing.

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