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On Dialogue

David Bohm

Bohm explores the purpose, methods, and meanings of the multi-faceted process he refers to simply as "dialogue." He offers tools that facilitate a true exchange of ideas between people.


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Book Information

Publisher: Routledge
Publish Date: 09/23/2004
Pages: 144
ISBN-13: 9780415336413
ISBN-10: 0415336414
Language: English

Full Description

Never before has there been a greater need for deeper listening and more open communication to cope with the complex problems facing our organizations, businesses and societies. Renowned scientist David Bohm believed there was a better way for humanity to discover meaning and to achieve harmony. He identified creative dialogue, a sharing of assumptions and understanding, as a means by which the individual, and society as a whole, can learn more about themselves and others, and achieve a renewed sense of purpose.

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