Opting for Opulence: 14 Proven Strategies to Master Selling in the Luxury Market

Greg Winston

Ideal for individual salespeople or sales teams, this guide shows a whole new world of opportunity in luxury sales. By explaining to readers how to make a few calculated changes, this resource helps them to become selling champions of high-end luxury products with 14 proven strategies.


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Publish Date: 01/01/2009
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ISBN-13: 9781600375095
ISBN-10: 160037509X
Language: English

Full Description

Opting for Opulence will show you a whole new world of opportunity in luxury sales. That's Greg Winston's specialty.

By showing you how to make a few calculated changes, you'll become a selling champion of high--end luxury products. Let the breakthrough systems of Opting for Opulence turn your business and career into unimaginable success and higher income.

As you master the 14 proven strategies of Luxury Sales, you will:

*Accelerate your luxury sales learning curve exponentially

*Expand your strategic relationships to eliminate all ineffective cold calling

*Manage your customers' more effectively to keep the amount they buy and the price they pay moving ever upward

* Identify the key challenges of your luxury sales system and eliminate them

*Generate confidence and passion in your sales team

*Increase your sales team engagement and closing ratios

*Create accountability in your sales team so they proactively improve the integrity and results of your luxury sales system.

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