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The Process: How to be the Best Version of Yourself

Timi Adeyemo

Have you lost your way. Would you like to take control of your life and get the things from it you were promised. Are you ready to try a different approach.


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Book Information

Publisher: Ingram Spark.
Publish Date: 08/10/2018
Pages: 104
ISBN-13: 9781999629403
ISBN-10: 199962940X
Language: English

Full Description

Have you lost your way?

Would you like to take control of your life and get the things from it you were promised?

Are you ready to try a different approach?

Millennials have grown up believing that they would be the most successful generation ever. They have been told that their unlimited potential would make the world a better place and that they could have what they wanted, when they wanted it.

But the reality has been different, and things haven't panned out as expected for many. That can now change with The Process, a book that is designed to get you back on track with chapters that examine:

  • The stages of life
  • Delayed gratification
  • Following your passion
  • The power of affirmations
  • Relationships
  • Marriage and family
  • And much more...

The Process is more than just a book. It is a road map for life that is designed specifically to get you on the right path to success and happiness.

Full of personal stories of how the process has been proven to work, this book will guide you through understanding the process that lies behind the promises made.

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