The Quit Alternative: The Blueprint for Creating the Job You Love Without Quitting

Ben Fanning, Chris Brogan

Here are the top 10 reasons this professional development book is a MUST READ: 1) You can create the job you love without quitting your job and giving up your steady paycheck, 401(k), and insurance.


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Book Information

Publisher: Jetlaunch
Publish Date: 09/23/2014
Pages: 144
ISBN-13: 9781941142486
ISBN-10: 1941142486
Language: English

Full Description

Here are the top 10 reasons this professional development book is a MUST READ: 1) You can create the job you love without quitting your job and giving up your steady paycheck, 401(k), and insurance. This book shows you how. You won't find this information in traditional career guides. It is 100% possible for you, even if you've been considering how to quit your job or how to snag a job you love. 2) You'll be entertained (and secretly educated) . You'll laugh, cry, and maybe even feel compelled to leave a copy on your boss' desk. Stick with me, and you'll discover helpful principles that will make you the talk of the water cooler. This isn't another ho-hum professional development book, and it's not a "how to find a job" guide full of blank forms. You'll learn a new and inspiring perspective through unforgettably entertaining stories, like what I learned the day my shrink fired me, how I negotiated for a toilet seat on the corporate jet, and how I got called out by my masseuse. 3) You'll become empowered, whether you're the mail clerk or CEO or you fall somewhere in between. This book has been endorsed by 5 senior executive leaders of Fortune 1000 companies and 3 mail clerks. "Ben hits the nail on the head. It's about taking ownership, knowing what we want and what we stand for-and bringing it He addresses how self-awareness and attitude can give us the power to shape our jobs and our career." -Hans Hickler, Former CEO DHL, Founder Ellipsis Advisors 4) You'll discover a return on your investment to earn a car. Invest a few dollars and a little bit of time to read this book, and you'll pick up career development tips that can save you enough to earn a car (page 9). 5) You'll have a "Personal Career Counselor in Your Pocket." It's useful and practical with vivid case studies for how to negotiate with the boss to help pay for your MBA or support a relocation to the city of your dreams. You'll also learn how to deal with an unreasonable boss and even say "No" without getting fired. 6) You'll read it quickly and easily. At just over a 100 pages (with key points highlighted on every page), you can get through this book on a single flight. 7) You can apply it immediately to improve your current job. You get the step-by-step process to take each concept and apply it as soon as you sit down at your desk. 8) You'll get an empowering boost. You get the blueprint for taking control of your own career development versus waiting on top-down initiatives, your annual review, or just plain luck. 9) You get more than you bargained for. The support doesn't end on the last page-and I won't leave you hanging. If you like what you find here, I share how you can get even more and connect with others on the same journey. and last, but perhaps most important... 10) It takes the 1,000-pound weight off your shoulders for the job you love. This isn't a theory. These are real-world strategies that have been applied and tested in corporate offices around the globe. About the Author A while back, I was completely burned out in my career and ready to quit. I found myself frustrated and cynical from years of unfulfilled expectations and career dreams. After getting discouraged and not being able to stomach another job search, I raised my eyes from the treadmill and began showing up like a leader who worked on his own terms. I was able to reignite my career. After my own transformational experience, I noticed many others who were showing up to work burned out, "sleep working" through their days, scared about losing their job, and too scared to do anything about it. I realized I could help them. I walk the walk every day. Now, it's time to create the job you will love, and improve your job and career immediately. Scroll up and click the "BUY" button now.

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