The Real Secrets of the Top 20%: How to Double Your Income Selling Over the Phone

Mike Brooks

Brooks shares the proven skills, techniques, scripts, and strategies that can catapult a salesperson's closing ratio, boost his or her confidence, and immediately make him or her a Top 20-percent producer.


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Book Information

Publisher: Sales Gravy Press
Publish Date: 07/07/2008
Pages: 152
ISBN-13: 9780979441622
ISBN-10: 0979441625
Language: English

Full Description

Why is 80% of the sales and revenue in any company or industry made by the Top 20% of the sales force? More importantly, what can you begin doing TODAY to move into that elite group of Top Performers? In The Real Secrets of the Top 20%, Mike Brooks gives you the proven skills, techniques, scripts, and strategies that will catapult your closing ratio, boost your confidence, and immediately make you a Top 20% producer. Learning and using these proven and effective skills will be the best career move you've ever made, and this book will show you why becoming a Top 20% producer is much easier than you think - and a lot more fun

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