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Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organization and Make Hybrid Work for Everyone

Lynda Gratton

"How companies can use the recent shifts in business norms and culture to reset work for the coming decade and beyond"--


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Book Information

Publisher: MIT Press
Publish Date: 05/03/2022
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9780262544986
ISBN-10: 0262544989
Language: English

What We're Saying

May 11, 2022

Businesses are facing a time of significant disruption, ambiguities and unforeseen events. In navigating through this period, employee trust will be a crucial asset. Creating a model of work that is fair and just will be crucial. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

How do we make the most of the greatest global shift in the world of work for a century and radically redesign the way we work--forever? Professor Lynda Gratton is the global thought-leader on the future of work. Drawing on thirty years of research into the technological, demographic, cultural, and societal trends that are shaping work and building on what we learned through our experiences of the pandemic, Gratton presents her innovative four-step framework for redesigning work that will help you:
- Understand your people and what drives performance
- Reimagine creative new ways to work
- Model and test these approaches within your organization
- Act and create to ensure your redesign has lasting benefits Gratton presents real-world case studies that show companies grappling with work challenges. These include the global bank HSBC, which built a multidisciplinary team to understand the employee experience; the Japanese technology company Fujitsu, which reimagined three kinds of "perfect" offices; and the Australian telecommunications company Telstra, which established new roles to coordinate work across the organization. Whether you're working in a small team or running a multinational, Redesigning Work is the definitive book on how to transform your organization and make hybrid working work for you.

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