Retirement Rx: The Retirement Docs' Proven Prescription for Living a Happy, Fulfilling Rest of Your Life

Fritz Fraunfelder

Doctors Fraunfelder and Gilbaugh offer the first scientifically-backed prescription to a happy retirement. They contend that financial planning is not enough and outline the eight key traits essential to maintaining vitality, interests, and zest for life in retirement.


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Book Information

Publisher: Avery Publishing Group
Publish Date: 05/15/2008
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 9781583333112
ISBN-10: 1583333118
Language: English

Full Description

The Retirement Docs? Proven Prescription for Living a Happy, Fulfilling Rest of Your Life
Over the years, Dr. Fritz Fraunfelder and Dr. Jim Gilbaugh have seen thousands of their patients respond differently to the challenges of retirement: some rose to new heights; others hit new lows. The doctors began to wonder, How do some people maintain their vitality, interests, and zest for life in retirement while others became distant, even depressed? Is there a magic formula for retiring well?
To find the answer, they designed a comprehensive study involving more than one thousand patients. The results were surprising but clear. Financial planning is not as important to a fulfilling retirement as many may think?the psychological experience is just as crucial. The happiest retirees shared eight key traits; all of them were able to:
? plan ahead
? maintain a positive attitude
? accept change
? lean on their support network
? have a sense of purpose
? keep a healthy lifestyle
? engage in leisure activities
? enjoy some expression of spirituality
"Retirement Rx" evaluates the reader and provides guidelines for how to develop each key characteristic. The good news? These essential skills can be strengthened, even acquired from scratch, whether the reader is just starting to plan for retirement, is in the early years, or is a seasoned retiree. The first scientificallybacked bulletproof prescription, this book is the most concrete guide to a happy retirement.

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