Road Well Traveled: I Was Once Called The Sleeper

A Road Well Traveled: I Was Once Called The Sleeper

By Ken Davis

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A career in business predicts that good results usually come from understanding people, setting goals and staying focused.


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Book Information

Publisher: Ken Davis.
Publish Date: 02/12/2020
Pages: 182
ISBN-13: 9781950659432
ISBN-10: 1950659437
Language: English

Full Description

Business executive Ken Davis tells a story of perseverance in this compelling memoir. It's a journey from Small Town USA to big-time corporate decision-making. It's about life's challenges - and life-threatening challenges, too. It traces the impact that sports, mentors, and physical places can have on one's path through life. It also describes the impact the Vietnam War had on someone who was drafted but did not serve - and the reason why.

In the end, what propelled him were his business assignments. They often seemed impossible, yet by succeeding with them, he accomplished what he would often preach to colleagues: business is best when you follow the three stages: Vision, Plan, Execute.

Life and work were an adventure for Davis, full of thrills, inspiration, suspense and, sometimes, danger.

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