Rule the Room: A Unique, Practical and Comprehensive Guide to Making a Successful Presentation

Jason Teteak

Rule the Room is the product of Jason Teteak's twenty-year experience as a trainer and coach. His thoroughly tested advice covers every presenter's concerns, from hooking the audience immediately to entertaining them, and from overcoming your fears to handling questions. He covers every base--content creation, delivery, audience management-- with an overview plus step-by-step instructions, review exercises, and scores of specific and practical tips.


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Book Information

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publish Date: 01/01/2014
Pages: 215
ISBN-13: 9781614486138
ISBN-10: 1614486131
Language: English

Full Description

Persuade, motivate, teach, or inspire any audience... Author Jason Teteak gives you fifty immediately actionable techniques that apply to beginners as well as seasoned presenters and cover all areas from content creation to delivery skills to audience management. Rule the Room can help you solve every presentation challenge with practical, step-by-step guidance--not theoretical fluff--on sixteen essential topics. Among them: - Overcome your fear
- Finish on time every time
- Customize your presentation
- Make the audience laugh
- Answer any question Among the unique tools Jason offers to presenters: - The circle of knowledge, an exercise that will guarantee you're telling your audience exactly what they want to know
- Agree and see if you're right, a never-fail technique to repeatedly engage and re-engage your listeners
- The blueprint, a tool to make sure you'll deliver a flawless presentation without relying on a script
- Presentation personality style assessment, an analysis to help you know exactly how to entertain your audience by being yourself
- Learning style analysis, insights that you can use to get your message across to every type of learner in the room Rule the Room will teach you how to create and deliver a presentation that can change people's behavior!

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