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Running on Purpose: Winning Olympic Gold, Advancing Corporate Leadership and Creating Sustainable Value

Charles H Moore Jr

This is the remarkable first-person story of the action, tenacity, creativity, celebration, and principles that carried Olympic gold medalist and notable business leader Charles H. Moore, Jr. from one success to another -- and that ultimately led to his most important legacy: providing insights for guiding twenty-first-century American business.


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Book Information

Publisher: Edgemoor Ink
Publish Date: 03/21/2017
Pages: 288
ISBN-13: 9780998371016
ISBN-10: 0998371017
Language: English

Full Description

Charlie Moore never broke his stride after winning an Olympic gold medal in Helsinki in 1952. His professional life achievements feature notable accomplishments in business as well as successful leadership roles in college athletics, the arts, and, ultimately, in corporate philanthropy. At every twist is a consummate change-agent enjoying the moving of mountains and celebrating a freedom that comes from personal conviction and belief in others.

In Running on Purpose, Moore has delivered a work that is not just a career memoir or an inspirational business book; it also champions family, resilience, persistence, the drive for results, strong communication, and other traits that can, and should, guide our personal and professional lives. Never one to stop moving, Moore further succeeds in elevating these experiences to a blueprint for societal change that pragmatically intertwines family, business, and the innovative spark that drives us all.

Here is a book passionately written for individuals willing to sprint to the finish line for things they believe in. It is a fitting companion to the principled person who leads with vision, perhaps moves among influential titans, and believes that traditional pathways must often be ignored in order to discover his or her truest potential.

Throughout are wonderful vignettes with notable figures of Olympics, business and culture including President Eisenhower, George Steinbrenner, Paul Newman and Roger Bannister.

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