Self-Talk Secrets 2 In 1: Hidden Tools To Quiet The Voice In Your Head, Get Your Life Moving Forward And Find Happiness

Stuart Wallace, Patrick Magana

Are you worried you will never be happy again. Are you unconsciously bringing negativity to your relationships with your spouse, family, coworkers, and friends.


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Book Information

Publisher: M & M Limitless Online Inc..
Publish Date: 01/20/2020
Pages: 302
ISBN-13: 9781646960897
ISBN-10: 1646960890
Language: English

Full Description

Are you worried you will never be happy again?

Are you unconsciously bringing negativity to your relationships with your spouse, family, coworkers, and friends?

Or is there one area of your life where you feel like a failure and you're ready to change?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this guide is specifically written for you.

While there are several books written about self-talk, this guide provides tangible strategies based on psychological research that you can use immediately to both change negative self-talk to positive self-talk and turn it into action.

It explores the "how" and "why" of negative self-talk to help you master positive self-talk - going beyond just definitions and motivational phrases that didn't work for you before.

With positive self-talk, you can find the self-motivation to change your life and ultimately lead you to greater success.

Have you heard the phrase "you are what you believe?" Did you realize this applies to all aspects of life from work, to family, and even your love life?

Research tells us that positive self-talk can change those beliefs and the negative self-talk habits that inhibit us from finding success.

In 2014, Ethan Kross wrote in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology about the power of self-talk as a regulatory mechanism - it affects what we do, whether we realize it or not - and the way we use self- talk matters.

Benjamin Gardner shared "Making Health Habitual" in 2012 in the British Journal of General Practice, explaining self-talk as a habit - a powerful force in the brain. Their work, among others' shared in this guide, provides strategies and facts based on scientific evidence, that help us to affect and improve the way we use self- talk.

This book includes:

  • The Self-Talk Solution: The Proven Concept Of Breaking Free From Intense Negative Thoughts To Never Feel Weak Again
  • The Power Of Self-Talk: How To Stop Beating Yourself Up, Take Action And Achieve Success In Your Life

In this guide you'll discover:

  • How to truly love yourself and your body - without committing to a crazy diet or workout program
  • Why you feel drained of energy and helpless (and how you can fix this in no time at all )
  • A complete picture of how self-talk affects you - finding long term solutions and not just a "band-aid" to fix the problem
  • Why the phrase "you are what you believe" may be seriously hindering you - but also how it can make you incredibly successful
  • Why athletes, world leaders, and celebrities use visualization every day - and why you should too
  • The 10 little-known (and most efficient ) ways to improve your marriage and family life, all with self-talk
  • The 14 key suggestions (that actually work ) for how to take self-talk to the next level by turning positive self-talk into action

...and much, much more

All of us have areas of our life we want to improve, and whether negative self-talk is affecting many aspects of your life, or just one, you can learn to harness the power of self-talk to find success and greater happiness.

By relying on the most up-to-date psychological studies and findings, this guide provides the background information and tangible tools to understand the power of self-talk, so it can become a powerful force in your life.

If you've had enough of the negative voice in your head controlling your life and are ready for positive self-talk to take over, click "Add to Cart" now

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