Solar Bible: Guide to Design / Build Solar Electric Grid Tie Systems

Bradley Lawrence Bartz

In Color and Worth it - July 29, 2018 updated. ABC Solar is proud to present our "Solar Bible" guide to beautiful solar grid-tie and thermal installations.


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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date: 08/07/2016
Pages: 314
ISBN-13: 9781536957822
ISBN-10: 1536957828
Language: English

Full Description

In Color and Worth it - July 29, 2018 updated.

ABC Solar is proud to present our "Solar Bible" guide to beautiful solar grid-tie and thermal installations. The Solar Bible is a comprehensive guide for installing solar electric and solar thermal systems. Extensive attention to detail of the permitting process and the tools to make it easier are presented.

ABC Solar was founded in 2000 and over the last 16 years we have installed across California and Japan. Our famous Solar Hot Tub kit has shipped around the world. Available at www.SolarHotTub.com. We mention our products because you will see real solar applications in The Solar Bible.

We always use the best and highest quality solar technology available.

Sometimes we get really lucky and clients allow us to build new technology integrations of solar and solve more energy problems. Over the years we have built some very cool stuff.

We can build on any roof given that we can keep it safe.

Our focus on solar design is more fined tuned with our experience. It is the in-the-field trade tricks that our techs deploy the keep our ABC Solar reputation rock solid. I am grateful to our team for keeping focus on clean solar installations.

ABC Solar installs commercial, residential, governmental, utility scale and off-grid systems. If it's solar you can get our leaders to build it for you.

In Japan we learned to install for 2 meters of snow and incredible winds. In the Barstow, California we learned that shade from our solar array makes the room below just a little cooler.

Permit packages and the permitting process is discussed and presented in The Solar Bible. Learn the solar math and how to design safe permit ready systems. Also get laughs and encouragement from ABC Solar many stories of advocating for faster and more pleasant permitting processes.

The Solar Bible will teach you some of the ways solar photovoltaic panels are actually made. Learn some of the science of how it works in simple terms. The microscopic fist-fight between light and dark. (dramatic music playing...)

ABC Solar's website is full of great information about solar. We deliberately present information so our competitors can use to make them better. We love competition, but we love it more when we are competing at our quality level. We are the best and will put our team against anyone

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