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Stay Weird Coloring Book: Look At Things Differently

Kate Blume

LOOK AT THINGS DIFFERENTLY. STAY WEIRD COLORING BOOK - TRENDING NOW Think outside the lines. Don't box yourself in. Imagine the impossible. Stay weird.


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Book Information

Publisher: Page Addie
Publish Date: 04/30/2017
Pages: 54
ISBN-13: 9780648076889
ISBN-10: 0648076881
Language: English

Full Description

LOOK AT THINGS DIFFERENTLY. STAY WEIRD COLORING BOOK - TRENDING NOW Think outside the lines. Don't box yourself in. Imagine the impossible. Stay weird... it's a powerful thing.

TAKE COLORING TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Stay Weird sayings on every page.

COLOR-UP THE WEIRD, WILD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Cute pet animals, secret gardens, beautiful flowers, birds, women, mystic motifs and more.

DON'T EVER STOP BEING YOU. STAY WEIRD. Stay weird. Stay different. Life is weird. Keep it that way. Discover your weirdness. People are going to say you're weird and that's okay because weird people make life interesting. Stay weird. No one else will do it for you. Dream big. Stay weird so people know the real you. See good in all things. Stay weird. Treat yourself well, so others know how. You are not designed for everyone to like you.You are already you. Stay weird. Stay as weird as you like. That's more than alright. Because weird is not a journey or a destination...it's your destiny to be who you are in your life. No one else can be you. You're as unique as they come.

LOVE THE WEIRD, UNIQUE AND INDIVIDUAL. It's about 'Me Time'. Have fun, relax and be happy with just you and your own creativity.

MAKE YOUR MARK AS YOU COLOR AWAY: Release stress, anger and find your true self as you color your own way.

FOREVER PAGES: Turn your coloring book into a keeper. Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet so you can create a beautiful book with no bleed through.

YOUR ART STUDIO: Stunning coloring pages created by talented artists' passionate about the art of design.

STAY WEIRD coloring pages are designed with artistic adult colorists in mind.

Get to know the real you. No compromises. Never doubt the you inside. Life is too short to be normal. Stay weird. Create everyday. Dance in the rain. Be fabulicious. Stay weird. Always be yourself. There is no one better. Don't be afraid of what anyone thinks. Stay weird.


- Sized to frame at 8.5" x 11"

- Single-Sided Pages

- Printed on white paper

- A selection of coloring pages for all coloring levels up to the most advanced.

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