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Subliminal Persuasion: Influence & Marketing Secrets They Don't Want You to Know [With CDROM]

Dave Lakhani

Along with the rapidly changing marketplace, traditional persuasion and influence techniques need to change in order to reflect what works today. This work reveals the latest mass influence techniques that are available for anyone who wants to create an ethical, positive outcome.


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Book Information

Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: 04/01/2008
Pages: 202
ISBN-13: 9780470243367
ISBN-10: 0470243368
Language: English

Full Description

If you're an entrepreneur, salesperson, advertiser, or business owner, understanding the art of subliminal persuasion will give your bottom line a big boost. In Subliminal Persuasion, master marketer Dave Lakhani reveals in step-by-step detail the exact techniques that really work in persuading and influencing others. It's not about lying or tricking anyone. It's about know what will appeal to people and how communicate that appeal effectively, profitably, and ethically. This is marketing that really convinces.

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