Super Sourdough: The Foolproof Guide to Making World-Class Bread at Home

Super Sourdough: The Foolproof Guide to Making World-Class Bread at Home

By James Morton

"The foolproof guide to making world-class bread at home." -- Cover.


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Book Information

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
Publish Date: 02/04/2020
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9781787134652
ISBN-10: 1787134652
Language: English

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June 26, 2020

Cookbook Roundup: Bread

Book Review by Blyth Meier

Ten of the best recent-ish bread cookbooks feature choices for every level of baker, from the very new to the most experienced. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

Making Super Sourdough is the true test of every aspiring bread-maker. Fickle and delicate, every loaf is unique. And there are a lot of pitfalls to be avoided. It's much more than a food: sourdough is a science. Who better than Dr James Morton, baking pedant and fermentation fanatic, to explain the basics for both the uninitiated, and more experienced bakers? James talks the home baker through everything from starters, flours and hydration, to kneading, shaping, rising, scoring and baking, explaining how to achieve the perfect crust and crumb. With more than 40 sourdough recipes including basic loaves and rolls, baguettes, bagels and buns, clear step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips and explanations of what works and why, Super Sourdough is the new, accessible guidebook that bakers everywhere have been waiting for.

About the Author

James Morton is the author of five books including Brilliant Bread, which won the Guild of Food Writers Cookbook of the Year award in 2014, How Baking Works (2015), Brew (2016) and Shetland: Cooking on the Edge of the World (2018).

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