Test Your Truth: Your Call To Action!

Test Your Truth: Your Call To Action!

By Michael Usher

TEST YOUR TRUTH Is Your Call To Action! Comprised of 25 Truth Actions written from personal experience, in a poetic style; To inspire you to start today to get closer to standing in your truth.


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Book Information

Publisher: Usher Agency
Publish Date: 07/20/2021
Pages: 174
ISBN-13: 9783982356006
ISBN-10: 3982356008
Language: English

Full Description

Michael L. Usher is a strong believer that when you know and own your truth, there is nothing you can not do in your life; And with that power, your greatest successes are just around the cornerHe is a New York born Founder who's lived abroad for over 10 years. A Community Builder & Leader, A Business Developer, Product Designer, Writer, Investor and a Business Consultant at - The Usher Agency -

Learn more about the author at: theusheragency.comFollow my journey abroad on instagram at: @m.l.u

About the Author

Many of us move through the world unaware of how we show up in our communities. We act out of impulse instead of purpose. Whether you are aware of it or not, Your truth is representing you every day.

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