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This Book Means Business: Clever ways to plan and write a book that works harder for your business

Alison Jones, Bernadette Jiwa

In the Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast, Alison Jones goes under the hood of successful business books to discover how they're put together and how they work for the businesses behind them.


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Book Information

Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
Publish Date: 03/23/2018
Pages: 290
ISBN-13: 9781910056691
ISBN-10: 1910056693
Language: English

Full Description

In the Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast, Alison Jones goes under the hood of successful business books to discover how they're put together and how they work for the businesses behind them. This book brings together all those inspiring and effective ideas, giving you a unique insight into how some of the world's top business authors work and showing how you can make these ideas work for you too.

'A worthy primer, a great place to start on your journey to make a business book that matters.' - Seth Godin, author and blogger

'In this comprehensive, well-researched and immensely helpful book, Alison Jones lays out everything you need to know about how to write the right book, in the right way, to drive business results. Whether you've toyed with the idea of writing a book for years, and never gotten off the starting line, or you've already written several books, but want to do it in a more pleasant, purposeful and high-impact way next time, this book is for you.' - Amanda Setili, president, Setili & Associates business consulting, and author of Fearless Growth

'Practical, insightful and incredibly useful. Alison Jones is the trusted friend everyone should have when writing a business book. Combining her unique connections and expertise in the worlds of writing, publishing and business-building, she writes with clarity, generosity and wit, distilling the best of her experience - and that of a whole host of successful business authors - into an incredibly useful guide for anyone looking to write a book that really works for their business.' - Grace Marshall, Head coach, chief encourager and productivity ninja, author of How To Be Really Productive

'What Alison Jones doesn't know about writing, publishing and marketing business books probably isn't worth knowing. Even if the cover price of this book were 100, you'd still be getting a bargain: the sheer volume of advice it contains will prove priceless to anyone thinking of writing a business book. It contains everything you need to know, and then some.' - Scott Pack, author of How to Perfect Your Submission: Tips from a publisher

'Alison's book club is indeed extraordinary - in style, practical how-tos and sheer entertainment. I love it.' - David Taylor, author of The Naked Leader

'At last The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook has a companion. Read them both. Do what they say. And be lucky.' - Dr Andy Cope, author of Now That's What I Call Leadership and The Art of Being Brilliant

'Writing a book helps you share your ideas with the world - and become recognized for them in the marketplace. Alison Jones's informative new guide enables you to craft a meaningful work that will have a lasting impact on your business success.' - Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

'A business book needs to be valuable to the reader AND to the creator. In This Books Means Business, Alison Jones shows aspiring writers and entrepreneurs how to harness their knowledge to grow their business while also making something that readers will care about. A practical, valuable read.' - Nicholas Lovell,, author of The Curve

'This book is full of ideas that work: open it at any page and you'll find something you can use.' - Patrick Vlaskovits, New York Times bestselling author of Hustle and The Lean Entrepreneur

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