The Truth about Getting the Best from People

Martha I Finney

"Finally, a no-nonsense primer for leaders on how to build. . . and keep. . . extraordinary talent. This book should be in the briefcase of every exec in the world and should be pulled out every day for a refresher on how to be a real' leader. "--Dan Walker, Former Chief Talent Officer for Apple, Inc. .


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Book Information

Publisher: FT Press
Publish Date: 02/01/2008
Pages: 198
ISBN-13: 9780132354912
ISBN-10: 0132354918
Language: English

Full Description

The 'Truth About' series offers in each book the collected and distilled knowledge on a topic and how you can use this knowledge in your daily life. With an 'aha' on every page, information is presented in a clear and accessible style that the reader can easily reference.

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