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The UltraMind Solution: The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind

Mark Hyman

Bestselling author Dr. Hyman reveals how cleansing the body can maximize brain function, improve memory, and alleviate depression--without drugs.


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Book Information

Publisher: Scribner Book Company.
Publish Date: 06/08/2010
Pages: 447
ISBN-13: 9781416549727
ISBN-10: 1416549722
Language: Eng

Full Description

From the ten-time New York Times bestselling author of Ultrametabolism, The Blood Sugar Solution, and Eat Fat, Get Thin comes The UltraMind Solution. --Do you find it next to impossible to focus or concentrate?
--Have you ever experienced instant clarity after exercise? Alertness after drinking coffee?
--Does your brain inexplicably slow down during stress, while multitasking, or when meeting a deadline?
--Do you get anxious, worried, or stressed-out frequently? In The UltraMind Solution, Dr. Mark Hyman explains that to fix your broken brain, you must heal your body first. Through his simple six-week plan, Dr. Hyman shows us how to correct imbalances caused by nutritional deficiencies, allergens, infections, toxins, and stress, restoring our health and gaining an UltraMind--one that's highly focused, able to pay attention at will, has a strong memory, and leaves us feeling calm, confident, in control, and in good spirits.

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