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Lou Dobbs

"Lou Dobbs offers his illuminating views on some of our nation's most intractable problems"--


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Book Information

Publisher: Threshold Editions
Publish Date: 01/07/2014
Pages: 274
ISBN-13: 9781476728858
ISBN-10: 1476728852
Language: English

Full Description

Bestselling author and host of Lou Dobbs Tonight offers his illuminating views on some of our nation's most intractable problems. IF YOU DREAM OF A BETTER TOMORROW FOR AMERICA, FIRST FACE THE REALITIES OF TODAY. Expanding on his candid "Chalk Talks" that inform the popular Lou Dobbs Tonight, the outspoken journalist, popular radio and TV host, and #1 New York Times bestselling author points us toward the path to a revived America by forcing us to face facts: our nation has lost its moorings. We are alienated from political parties that have ignored the middle class, and we are rightfully outraged when General Electric, the world's third-largest multinational conglomerate, pays zero corporate taxes while the average American struggles. We live in an era of bipartisan dysfunction, and of cronyism that would make nineteenth-century robber barons blush. Our business leaders are failing because CEOs know how tightly their success is linked to political contributions. We can't talk honestly about America's enemies without fear of reprimand from the ACLU. Political correctness is shackling our common sense. We reelected a president who presided over one of the worst economies in history, set our foreign policy adrift, and expressed contempt for the foundations of our free-enterprise system. We have lost the values that once defined "the American way"--thrift, faith, efficiency, community, ingenuity--and have given in to big business, an insatiable government ruling class, and accept our trillion-dollar debt as the new normal. And we are kept in the dark, thanks to the media that scarcely cover the issues that may not sell to a profitable demographic. So what's the good news? Every one of these problems is fixable, and can be addressed right now. In Upheaval, Lou Dobbs explains how to start thinking clearly again, how to engage in issues that matter, how to win arguments based on ideas and knowledge (knowledge really is power), and how to make a difference that's imperative to our survival. Upheaval arms readers with this information for fighting back, and does it as only Lou Dobbs can: with a style as frank and intelligent as it is witty and unfailingly honest.

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