We Burn Daylight

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We Burn Daylight

By Bret Anthony Johnston

"Waco, Texas, 1993. A charismatic figure known as the Lamb gathers his flock and his weapons to await the fulfillment of God's prophesy for the last days. "In olden days, when somebody said you've gone to Texas, that meant you'd lost your marbles," the Lamb told his followers. "But we're heading to Texas because we ain't crazy.


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Book Information

Publisher: Random House
Publish Date: 07/30/2024
Pages: 352
ISBN-13: 9780399590122
ISBN-10: 0399590129
Language: English

Full Description

An epic novel of star-crossed lovers set in a doomsday cult on the Texas prairie that asks: What would you sacrifice for the person you love? "Symphonic and suspenseful . . . In an epic act of empathy, Bret Anthony Johnston inhabits every point of view, from doomed devotees to perplexed law enforcement."--Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of March Waco, Texas, 1993. People from all walks of life have arrived to follow the Lamb's gospel--signing over savings and pensions, selling their homes and shedding marriages. They've come here to worship at the feet of a former landscaper turned prophet who is preparing for the End Times with a staggering cache of weapons. Jaye's mother is one of his newest and most devout followers, though Jaye herself has suspicions about the Lamb's methods--and his motives. Roy is the youngest son of the local sheriff, a fourteen-year-old boy with a heart of gold and a nose for trouble who falls for Jaye without knowing of her mother's attachment to the man who is currently making his father's life hell. The two teenagers are drawn to each other immediately and completely, but their love may have dire consequences for their families. The Lamb has plans for them all--especially Jaye--and as his preaching and scheming move them closer and closer to unthinkable violence, Roy risks everything to save Jaye. Based on the true events that unfolded thirty years ago during the siege of the Branch Davidian compound, Bret Anthony Johnston's We Burn Daylight is an unforgettable love story, a heart-pounding literary page turner, and a profound exploration of faith, family, and what it means to truly be saved.

About the Author

Bret Anthony Johnston is the author of the internationally bestselling novel Remember Me Like This and the award-winning Corpus Christi: Stories.

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