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The Winning Playbook

Rob Welsh, Jonathan Scott

". . . a must-read for athletes and entrepreneurs alike. " -- Mike Magolnick 5x Author, CEO, Influencer "A well-written, practical personal finance book.


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Book Information

Publisher: Indigo River Publishing.
Publish Date: 08/16/2022
Pages: 142
ISBN-13: 9781950906994
ISBN-10: 195090699X
Language: English

Full Description

"...a must-read for athletes and entrepreneurs alike." -- Mike Magolnick 5x Author, CEO, Influencer "A well-written, practical personal finance book..." - Kirkus Reviews It's time to take your financial game to the next level. A must-have for athletes, entrepreneurs, and anyone determined to take control of their financial and personal well-being, The Winning Playbook is the essential guide to transforming your career into a money-making machine and becoming the CEO of your own legacy. We've all heard the stories--a professional athlete signs for $2 million a year and the next thing we know he's working in the off-season to make ends meet. Financial empowerment expert Rob Welsh and former NFL offensive tackle Jonathan R. Scott have dedicated themselves to successfully coaching athletes of all levels to make their money work for them. Yet, professional athletes aren't alone in their financial trials--too few of us understand how to make the most of the rewards of our hard work and what we must know to get what we want from life. For the first time in The Winning Playbook, Rob Welsh and Jonathan R. Scott reveal the keys to unlocking your ability to learn and steer the direction of your own life, including how to: - Understand Your Paycheck and How to Keep It
- Become Financially Empowered
- Hone a Business Mindset
- Win When Life Happens
- Build Your Team
- Learn the Rules of Money
- Access Hidden Tax and Financial Strategies
- How to Guide Student-Athletes to Prepare for their Financial Future Find your purpose beyond the playing field or office and set yourself up for a rewarding personal and financial future. "...should be required reading for all athletes and families transitioning to professional sports."-- Mack Brown, Head Football Coach of The University of North Carolina, College Football Hall of Fame Inductee

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