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You're Not Lost: An Inspired Action Plan for Finding Your Own Way

Maxie Mc Coy

"Millennial expert and motivational speaker Maxie McCoy offers advice to women about how to decide where they're going in life and to focus on making decisions and taking actions that will help them achieve their goal"--


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Book Information

Publisher: Tarcherperigee
Publish Date: 08/21/2018
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9780143132561
ISBN-10: 0143132563
Language: English

Full Description

A tough-loving guide to figuring out your next steps and believing in yourself enough to take them If there's one phrase women's leadership expert Maxie McCoy hears over and over again in talking to young women, it's "I'm so lost." Not only do they doubt the direction their lives are going--they don't even know where to start making changes. This book provides a straight shot of encouragement to change that.

You're Not Lost is the manifesto for a generation of women who don't have the self-confidence to trust their instincts and go for it. This compelling guide gets to the root of the problem, showing you how to drop the panic-inducing, big-picture obsession over "Where am I going with my life?" and instead shines a spotlight on the small yet impactful decisions that will take you from lost to found. With step-by-step advice, thought-provoking exercises, and real-life stories from Maxie and other inspirational women who have been there and succeeded, this book is an energizing action plan for getting to the amazing career and life you deserve.

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