The 2022 Porchlight Business Book Awards Longlist is here! Shortlist to be announced December 15th.

Sales Specialist

Bryan Rogers

414-220-4448 |

According to insiders with access, Bryan Rogers spends far too much time reading far too many books covering far too many, ultimately fruitless, subject matters. And gods only know how many he actually finishes. According to Mr. Rogers, the newest sales specialist at the Porchlight Book Company? There is no problem. Over the decades, the books read - and those left partially or totally unread - have served multiple purposes, soothed various illnesses, and cured countless bouts of self-pity and -doubt, a habit quite common among what Mr. Rogers’ wife refers to as his “Cry Baby Cancer” tendencies. So be it. There’s a book for solving that dilemma, he’s sure of it. And once he’s read it, or at least most of it, odds are you’ll find a thoughtful, well-footnoted review on this here blog page. Mr. Rogers has been to school, has been schooled, has occasionally himself schooled, and is by far and away most interested in the most general school there is: that of Life. On that count, he is currently living his with one lovely spouse, two lively children, three mostly obedient reptiles, and four...forgot what four was for. Well, there’ll be more...


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