Book Giveaways

An Awards Grab-Bag Giveaway

January 25, 2016


We're culling and shelving the books of 2015, which means we have some books to give away!

It is that time of year, with our awards season officially over and wrapped up after our party in New York City, that we find ourselves with a lot of books that need to be shelved. That is a far more involved process than you might imagine. As you can see in the picture, our library shelves are already nearly full, and not only would the books of last year put them over capacity, we have at least two copies of each of those books! That means we can't keep them all, which benefits you, dear reader.

This week, 20 lucky winners will receive two books published in 2015. You simply have to tell me what your biggest challenge at work is, and what kind of books you're interested in, and as I'm shelving the books from last year, I will keep the winners' preferences handy to hand-pick two titles to fit their specific challenges and interests, making sure at least one of the books you receive made our 2015 longlist (unless, I suppose, you tell me in your answers that you are not interested in any of those books on the longlist).

These kind of tailored, grab-bag giveaways are always some of our most popular, so the competition is likely to be steep. Good luck, everyone!

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