Book Giveaways

Business Book Grab Bag

June 27, 2016


We need to shed some excess books, and are hoping you'll provide them a new home.

Well, it has happened again. The stacks of books that booby trap my desk have reached heights that gravity has taken issue with. The situation needed to be remedied, so I've begun moving them toward the library, but not all will find space there. That means we need to find a new home for the many duplicate copies we have in our possession, and this is where you come in.

This week's giveaway is a grab bag. I can't tell you exactly what you're going to get, but each winner will receive two books published in the past year, pulled directly from the very literal stacks of books currently overburdening our library tables. If you have a category of book that you'd prefer (leadership, marketing, etc.), you can let me know in your answers below. Otherwise, I will pull what I think are the best two books in front of me until there are 40 books packed up and ready to be shipped to their new home—hopefully your home.

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