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Connect First: 52 Simple Ways to Ignite Success, Meaning, and Joy at Work

October 28, 2019

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The key to greater success, meaning, and joy at work? Connect First!


People are naturally wired to connect with each other, but in today's workplace we stare at our phones, hide behind PowerPoint slides, and accumulate followers instead of relationships. With great detriment to our fulfillment and results, we’ve forgotten how, when, and why to connect with people.

In Connect First: 52 Simple Ways to Ignite Success, Meaning, and Joy at Work, psychologist and executive coach Melanie Katzman, Ph.D. gives actionable advice for restoring joy and amplifying success at work through the power of human connection.

Thanks to technology, the human race has never been more interconnected than it is today. So why do so many employees feel isolated and unappreciated? The quest for meaning is great but the misery quotient at work is high. What can leaders do to retain talent and reinvigorate teams to flourish in these rapidly changing, challenging times? How do we—YOU—develop the intuition, self-awareness, and interpersonal agility required to prosper in this new era? It’s simple. Connect First, a refreshingly human approach to forging strong relationships for lasting professional success. It’s an approach that promises to energize you, turbocharge your team, and transform the world around you.

Business psychologist, advisor, and consultant to organizations across six continents, Dr. Melanie Katzman provides 52 proven ways to ignite productivity and to create a deeply rewarding work life by connecting to yourself, your organization, and the wider world. Readers will discover the outsized effect of small behavioral changes that will reduce the sense of loneliness and frustration at work and help them establish respect, grow loyalty, resolve conflict, fight fear, and make a real, lasting impact on others. Most of these tactics take less than five minutes (in some cases, just a few seconds) and cost little to no money. These are the same techniques Dr. Katzman has used with leaders and employees at the world’s top companies to connect first as fellow humans, then as coworkers and colleagues, to build the powerful foundation essential to achieve success, create meaning, and find joy at work.

Social media and Slack make us great at instant communication—but not at human connection. Connect First will change that by humanizing every work experience.



Melanie Katzman, PhD, is a business psychologist, advisor, and consultant to the world's top public and private companies, as well as governmental and nonprofit institutions. As the founder of Katzman Consulting, she is a sought-after expert in executive development, group dynamics, and leadership diversity, and has worked with businesses?including Accenture, Bain Consulting, Goldman Sachs, MTV, PwC, and Viacom?in 31 countries. A busy speaker, she is also a founding partner of the global nonprofit Leaders' Quest. Dr. Katzman has held faculty positions in psychiatry at Weill-Cornell Medical Center and the University of London and was a senior fellow at Wharton Business School's Center for Leadership and Change Management. She has been featured in the New York Times, Financial Times, South China Morning Post, Vanity Fair, O Magazine, and on ABC, CBS, and Lifetime.


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