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Grow Wherever You Work: Straight Talk to Help with Your Toughest Challenges

October 30, 2017


Joanna Barsh addresses the toughest challenges of life at work with an unflinching eye and a helping hand.

Joanna Barsh isn't messing around in her new book. She gets right to the point, and she stays on it for over 200 pages. It is sometimes uncomfortable, and anxiety-ridden, because it is about tackling tough questions in your career, and Barsh doesn't coddle us in the usual self-help pollyanna while doing so.

It is about stress, and being stuck, about pressure and emotional pain and breaking through to the other side. It is about work. And just like life at work, there are stories from people you're probably not going to like all that much, and about hard realities that aren't really fair that aren't going anywhere. There are risks to take, and no guarantees. And there's no choice but to get out there and do it—or not. 

Grow Wherever You Work is a non-stop collection of stories from real people facing real challenges at work. The chapters are:

  1. When Work Holds No Passion
  2. When the Pressure Threatens to Overwhelm
  3. When Your Mistake Feels Colossal
  4. When Your Performance Review Whacks You
  5. When People Don't Come On Board
  6. When You're Working with an Office Villian
  7. When You Need a Sponsor
  8. When You Dare to Challenge
  9. When Risk Feels Like Jumping off a Cliff 
  10. When You Have to Be a Superhero
  11. When Everything Sucks
  12. When Work Doesn't Feel Worth It

So, you know, the good times! There is a personal story from a real person working through a real challenge on every single page of the book. To get an idea of what that feels like, consider this story, from a man names Christopher:


There is a cost associated with being successful. I struggle with that. I don't know what winning looks like now. I don't know what my priorities should be. Do I get an MBA? Do I chase a dream of money, a better job, a bigger title, and a corner office that I'm not even sure is real?


I'm always planning for a future that is unplannable. I was like that as a kid. What do I actually want? What would make me happy? I don't have an answer. That's the journey of life. Everybody is trying to answer that unanswerable question.


We answer that question by living it. It helps to know we're all asking the same questions, and to share in honest stories of struggle and success. It doesn't flinch, or sugarcoat, or condescend, or pretend. And that is the power of this book. While listening to others' stories, you are reminded that we all need to create our own. In reading about other people finding their way, you are helped along in finding your own. 

We have 20 copies available.

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