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The Art of Social Media

December 04, 2014


Need help with social media? Get a reference guide on the art of it all from Guy Kawasaki, the world's leading expert on business evangelism.

Who better to learn social media from (or test and update your knowledge of it with) than the man who helped Steve Jobs launch the Macintosh as Apple's Chief Evangelist?

That job alone put Guy Kawasaki in rarefied air, but he then went out and wrote what we at 800-CEO-READ consider one of The 100 Best Business Books of All TimeThe Art of the Start. Jack Covert, our founder and former president (now retired) wrote in his 100 Best review of that book:

This is one of those books that is important as much for how he says things as for what he says.
Now Guy is back with another Art book, and the same thing Jack wrote of tone and style of the The Art of the Start applies to The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, as well. Because, although it combines the formidable knowledge of his coauthor Peg Fitzpatrick, Guy actually wrote it alone.

He did this because, as he says, "multiple voices are tiring for readers and we are all about making everything invigorating, fast, and easy." And The Art of Social Media is that, while also being extremely thorough and all-encompassing. You'll get the wide lens view on things like "How to Feed the Content Monster," but they also narrow the focus down to the nitty gritty of things like what avatar to use and what tools and settings are best for each platform, and across platforms. It is really a comprehensive—and because Guy wrote it, entertaining—reference book for all of social media.

If you're on social media you should not only have a copy, it should be on the bookshelf closest to your desk at all times. If you lack a bookshelf, keep it on your desk. If you lack a desk, keep it in your bag. No bag? Invest in some cargo pants and keep it in the side pocket. You'll use it and refer back to it that often.

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