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Hidden Strengths: Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have

May 18, 2015


Milo and Thuy Sindell give us the tools to develop our “middle” skills, the "70 percent of our abilities which lie between our core weaknesses and strengths."

Traditional wisdom holds that you should actively work on improving your inherently weak skills, trying to turn them into strengths. However, a new book new suggests just the opposite—you shouldn't waste time on trying to build up your worst attributes, but instead focus your energies on identifying and elevating underdeveloped "middle" skills, those 70 percent of your abilities which lie between your core weaknesses and strengths. Unlike weaker skills—which in many cases cannot be overcome, regardless of the effort involved—these underdeveloped skills are the richest source for potential growth.

As a way to help leaders develop their "middle" range skills, corporate performance expert and co-founder of the Skyline Group Thuy (TWEE) Sindell, Ph.D., along with her husband—President at Skyline Group and human capital expert Milo Sindell—have co-authored the fascinating new book, Hidden Strengths: Unleashing the Leadership Skills You Already Have (Berrett – Koehler, May 2015). Divided into six easy-to-read sections, Hidden Strengths provides a blueprint for entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders, and senior executives alike to evaluate and evolve their abilities. It also includes a free online assessment tool to help identify and transform their natural leadership abilities.

In this insightful and informative book, the authors also reveal:

  • The four key principles to developing and refining Hidden Strengths
  • How a Hidden Strength differs from a Natural Strength, and how anyone can turn a Hidden Strength into a Learned Strength
  • The risks and problems of over-relying on Natural Strengths
  • 28 top skills critical to unleashing leadership potential
  • Why most leadership coaches only focus on developing Natural Strengths and weaknesses and leave out opportunities in the middle
  • How to pinpoint skills that will deliver the biggest payoff, and develop a plan to transform them into assets

"Other leadership books help leaders build on what they're best at but stop there. If you only go that far, you're missing a huge opportunity for professional growth," says Thuy. Milo shares, "Relying on your top abilities can actually hold you back. It's critical that you expand your repertoire of skills. The most effective way to do that is find your Hidden Strengths, or mid-level skills that can quickly be elevated into Learned Strengths with attention and focus. This book shows you how."


Co-founder and President of Skyline Group International's Coaching Division, Thuy Sindell Ph.D., specializes in coaching executives and managers whose competencies are in highly technical fields such as engineering, life sciences, finance, and law. She earned a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Alliant International University, San Francisco Bay. She was also one of the youngest executive coaches in the field and blogs at The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

President of Skyline Group, Milo Sindell helps leaders increase their results and overall success of the teams and organizations they lead. He is the founder of two software start-up companies. Originally a high school dropout, Milo later went on to earn an M.S. in organization development from Pepperdine University.

The Sindells are principals in Skyline Group International, Inc., a Silicon Valley–based human capital solutions company that combines the scalability of technology with one-on-one coaching. They have worked with clients in many industries, including Amazon, Barclays, Clorox, Facebook, Google, HP, Mattel, and many others. Their expertise has been featured in Fortune, CNN Money, Businessweek, The Washington Post, Fox News, and NBC News. Thuy and Milo are co-authors of three other books: Sink or Swim, Job Spa, and The End of Work as You Know It. They are also the proud parents of a beautiful daughter and currently live in San Francisco, CA.

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