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Pathways to Possibility: Transforming Our Relationship with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World

June 21, 2016


In her first book, Rosamund Stone Zander has taught us about the art of possibility. In her new book, she helps us find the pathways to it and achieve our true potential and maturity.

“You must read Pathways to Possibility for it is an extraordinary, a unique, book. Zander helps us to see the connection between our inner selves and the nature of the natural world and the universe.  By the end we have a new understanding of who we are and our individual human responsibilities.”
—Jane Goodall, award-winning primatologist and author

“In this eloquent and elegant book, Rosamund Stone Zander offers us a visionary and practical guide to living fuller, more compassionate lives for ourselves and others.”
—Sir Ken Robinson, author of The Element and Creative Schools


With more than 600,000 copies in print, Rosamund Stone Zander’s The Art of Possibility has shown readers how to become passionate communicators, performers, and leaders by embracing and radiating a mindset of possibility. Zander’s new book, Pathways to Possibility: Transforming Our Relationship with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World (Viking; $26; ISBN: 9780670025183; on-sale June 21, 2016), stimulates a distinct but equally powerful mental shift that promises to bring readers into greater harmony with themselves, others, and the world around them.

In Pathways to Possibility, Zander invites us to shed the childhood stories or behaviors that hold us back, illuminating how breaking old patterns and telling a new story can transform not just our own lives, but also our relationships with others—whether in a marriage, a classroom, or a business. She shows that when we become aware of patterns in our behavior and learn to identify and rewrite the stories that form the core of our identities, we can gain passage into a realm of true maturity and fulfillment, where limitless growth becomes possible.

Galvanizing and illuminating, Pathways to Possibility expands our notions of who we are, the effect we can have on others and the world at large, and how much freedom and joy we can experience.


Rosamund Stone Zander is the author, with Benjamin Zander, of The Art of Possibility. Trained as a family systems therapist, she coaches organizations from the inside out. Ms. Zander has brought wisdom, humor, and enlightenment to people in a wide variety of settings, from school systems, hospitals, and corporations, to the World Economic Forum.

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