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13 (Lucky) Reasons to Attend the Author Pow Wow

Sally Haldorson

October 26, 2010


13. You wrote a business book, but you can't seem to get any traction: our panel of industry experts can help. 12.

13. You wrote a business book, but you can't seem to get any traction: our panel of industry experts can help. 12. The chaos of Christmas will be fast approaching and a stay at the award-winning Iron Horse Hotel will be a gift to yourself. 11. You want to write a business book, but aren't sure what avenue to take: traditional publishing? small opt-in publishing? self-publishing? What about publicity, promotion? 10. You drive a Harley, or wish you did, or you just love motorcycles, Milwaukee is home to the Harley-Davidson Museum, right next to The Iron Horse Hotel. 9. You think establishing a stronger online presence will help sales of your book or ideas, but don't know where to start. 8. Great architecture is inspiring, and the Milwaukee Art Museum is "an architectural landmark, comprised of three buildings designed by three legendary architects: Eero Saarinen, David Kahler, and Santiago Calatrava." 7. You suspect that writing isn't the same as speaking. You're right. Learn how to handle the differences. 6. You are deeply curious about how cold it actually is in Wisconsin in December (Ok...probably not, but the answer is: not very...but then, I'm from Minnesota and winter in Milwaukee is nothing to be concerned about.) 5. You want to learn from the best, and our panel of experts, keynote speakers, and your fellow attendees will give you the inside scoop on making your presence known in the business book/business thought world. 4. 800-CEO-READ seems like a pretty cool company (it is!), and you'd like to meet the people (we're fun to hang out with, we swear!) in person. 3. Sally Hogshead and Chris Guillebeau. Enough said. 2. You sit at your desk all day and don't get to hang out with major publishers and cool authors. Now you do. 1. You have a good idea. You're pretty successful. Now you can be even better. Sign up for the Author Pow Wow today!

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