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Gullible's Travels

May 08, 2008


Yes! Another CornerStone book has made it on my desk! !

Yes! Another CornerStone book has made it on my desk!! This one, entitled Gullible's Travels, is a leadership book that has about 100 tips/lessons for all kinds of leaders. Whether you are in a new leadership position or have been at the helm awhile, this book gives new insight to not just work but life as well. How to deal and cope in todays fast changing world.

One thing that stood out for me was when the author, Topper Long, addressed the need to find balance. He suggested using "The Four Ps".

Pulling Together ("teamwork, open communication, sharing ideas, and working together")
Perfection ("doing it right everytime, on time")
Positive Attitude ("finding the good in your particular situation...part of the solution")
Progress ("not focusing on where we've been, but working toward a successful future")

Long tells us that to achieve this we must use the 'Three Key Secrets" - balance, balance and balance. Yes, he basically says we need to find the middle ground of these perspectives and maintain what works for us. For more about this book visit CornerStone

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