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If you're in join us where Design Meets Business : Business Meets Design

February 22, 2008


If you're in Milwaukee, keep reading. . .

If you're in Milwaukee, keep reading... Jon posted about this event once before. On Tuesday, February 26th, we're going to debunk the misconception that design is simply used to beautify ideas and make things pretty. Design is often seen as an afterthought to business; we're going to show that design actually drives dollars to the bottom line. It's not just clip-art and nice fonts; design affects every aspect of our daily lives. We're bringing in four people to help out with this conversation: This event is the first in what we hope will be a series of events to bring designers (of all sorts...web, print, interior, product, etc.) and business people together. Do join us. Tickets are $20 per person, and include a brilliant book by Michael Bierut, Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design, retail price $24.95. Coffee will be served. WHEN? Tuesday, February 26, 2008, 7:00 PM. Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design 208 N. Water Street Milwaukee, WI 53202 To register, click here. And feel free to bring along a friend, or ten.

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