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It's Quite Fashionable

November 13, 2007


This year, 800-CEO-READ became painfully hip. We really didn't mean to, it just sort of happened that way. You know how it is.

This year, 800-CEO-READ became painfully hip. We really didn't mean to, it just sort of happened that way. You know how it is...just minding your own business and suddenly you're thrust in the limelight. Sort of like being asked one of those problem solving math questions in 6th grade and getting brought up to the blackboard. Well, in this case our "black board call" was Fashion Week. Yes, you heard correctly: we were picked to provide materials for goody-bags at Fashion Week. It does not get more chic than that, right? I took the call about a month or so ago, thinking they were just a regular customer checking to see if we handle bulk orders. "Of course we do," I assured the client and that we can get them during a certain week in New York. I wasn't sure of it but by the time they ordered the book that they wanted: The Grown-Up Girl's Guide to Style - Instinctively I thought that this wasn't the regular business convention or author signing. It turned out that we were to be part of a popular woman's magazine package that they were handing out to some elite individuals of the fashion world. This little introduction to another realm made me do a little think about business and fashion and the fashion of business. There are more and more people working either full or part-time from their homes. This means that the culture of most companies is in a state of flux. Co-workers are now wearing PJs, slippers and robes while corresponding to emails, trouble-shooting computer problems or booking lunches. It makes one wonder where this is all going and how it is effecting the work environment. More people are finding that they can bring their personal style to work. This means cute stuff on the desk to what they wear. Fashion Week may be the tip of the iceberg for 800-CEO-READ. We may get requests from Janice Dickinson and Tim Gunn fans now. Who knows, we just might get another audience that is both concerned about what they wear and how they do business ... Of course on the other hand, this could just be another fad. Other books that deal with business and fashion to keep you as painfully hip as 8CR: New Woman's Dress for Success Details Men's Style Guide Beyond Business Casual Fit In!: The Unofficial Guide to Corporate Culture The End of Fashion

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