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The 2016 Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award Longlist

August 09, 2016


Financial Times and McKinsey's 2016 Business Book of the Year longlist shines a light on globalization.

The Financial Times and McKinsey have released the longlist for their 2016 Business Book of the Year Award.

Since we are also in the business book award game (submissions open next week!), we keep close tabs on the other lists announced each year. And FT/McKinsey is always a great one, with so many necessary books in the lineup. The list for 2016 shines a light on Globalization. "Many examine the consequences, good and bad, of the economic convergence and technological change" that Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat identified eleven years ago as their inaugural Book of the Year.   

The complete longlist:

Age of Discovery by Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna

Alibaba by Duncan Clark

Bourgeois Equality by Deirdre McCloskey

Brazillionaires by Alex Cuadros

Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Martinez

Makers and Takers by Rana Foroohar

Success and Luck by Robert Frank

The 100-Year Life by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott

The Curse of Cash by Kenneth Rogoff

The Fix by Jonathan Tepperman

The Man Who Knew by Sebastian Mallaby

The Profiteers by Sally Denton

The Rise and Fall of American Growth by Robert Gordon

The Smartest Places on Earth by Antoine van Agtmael and Fred Bakker

What Works by Iris Bohnet (Our review here)


You can read more about the list on We will update you here when the judges select the shortlist on September 7, so stay tuned.

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