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The 2018 800-CEO-READ Business Books Awards and Industry Party

January 30, 2019


Scenes from our time in New York City, hosting and honoring those in the publishing industry whose work makes our work possible.

Once a year, in the dead of winter, we leave our beloved home in Milwaukee to celebrate the people whose work publishing books makes the job we do selling them possible. And, because most of those people work in New York City, that's where we go. For the second straight year, we've hosted them at the Flatiron Room in Midtown Manhattan, where we offer up free drinks, free books, and (I think most importantly) a kind of family reunion for those in the industry. 

Below, you'll find some scenes from the party. You can see more photos from the event on our Facebook page. Thank you again to everyone who attended, and to all those who couldn't attend but who put in the work to bring great books into the world.

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