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We're moving!

September 02, 2015


800-CEO-READ is moving from one great Milwaukee neighborhood to another.

Our company began as the business and computer section in the Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop on Wisconsin Avenue. As the bookshop opened new locations in response to the big box bookstores, we evolved into a backroom, online retailer—the weird kids in the back of the home office on Milwaukee Street. The bookstores have closed (though one location still thrives as Boswell Book Company), and we are all that's left in that office. For many years we have made our home here in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, but with books covering every last spare inch and spreading out over multiple floors of the sturdy Phoenix Building, we know the time has come to move.

Later in September, we will move just a bit south to a larger office in another beautiful Milwaukee neighborhood, Walker's Point. For those of you not familiar with our fair city (come visit, you'll love it!), Walker's Point is the place to open a hot new restaurant, so we are going to be spending our days in some very tasty company. Beyond food, the neighborhood features incredible architecture, an important center for the city's Latino community, rehearsal space for the Milwaukee Ballet, and a new global center for water research—along with many antique stores, art galleries, and micro-breweries. It is also the home of Independence First, our new landlord and neighbor, whose focus on access and disabilities makes our community stronger and more inclusive to all.

Our staff will be sharing some of their favorite memories of the early days of our company here on In the Books in the weeks before our official move. We're a 33-year-old company born of a 82-year independent bookselling legend, so we have a story or two up our sleeves. We hope you enjoy our walk down memory lane.

Most importantly, the family here at 800-CEO-READ wants to thank each and every one of you that has bought our books, read our articles, delivered our packages, written or published the books we sell, served on our board, worked within these walls, and supported us in endless other ways. Without you, we could not take this leap. Our hearts are full with gratitude and our brains are swimming with new possibilities. We are excited to share this next chapter in our company's long history with you.

By the end of this month, you will be able to find us here: 

544 S. 1st Street
Milwaukee WI 53204

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