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What Matters Now? An eBook Conceived by Seth Godin

December 14, 2009


"How did he get all of these people? " I ask. Jack's reply is simple, "He's Seth.

"How did he get all of these people?" I ask. Jack's reply is simple, "He's Seth." So he is, and I don't know that anybody else could have pulled this off. What is "this," you say? The simplest answer is that it's a eBook. If you're asking me—and since I'm writing this post I'm just going to go ahead and assume that you are—I'd say it's verbal gumption, a heavy dose of inspiration to help you take on the coming year. The second question you may be asking, of course, is "Who are 'all of these people' who contibuted to this eBook?" Well, "these people" are many of the brightest minds in business thought today—people you should be paying attention to. They are: Each author has chosen a word (an idea, really) that they believe we should focus on in the coming year, and taken a page in this eBook to expound upon that word. Keep an eye out for Jack, who has a page on Harmony in the piece that he wrote with our resident wordsmith, Sally Haldorson. Friend and former president of the company Todd Sattersten has a page as well, on Focus, that you'll want to look for. Thanks to Mr. Godin for conceiving this project, and Ishita Gupta for coordinating and editing these 76 pages of insight, aspiration and encouragement. I personally think we should sound trumpets in their honor or, you know, just say a quiet thank you of your own or something—if that's more your style. They have made it free to us all, so maybe the best thanks of all would be to simply spread it to everyone we know. Head on over to Seth's Blog to see what he has to say about the piece. Click here, or on the cover below, to download the PDF.

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