The 2023 Porchlight Business Book Awards

The 40 books on this list spoke to us—and we believe speak to each other—in a way that furthers the conversations we need to have in the organizations we work in, the communities we live in, and the societies that shape us. With them as a guide, we can make decisions that better shape each, in turn.


About the Awards

We believe that books can help create more humane, diverse, modern, and effective businesses, stronger communities, and a better world. The Porchlight Business Book Awards exist to recognize the best books published every year, and all the people who helped bring them to life. While the books we choose don't always fit neatly in the business genre, they are the ones we believe are the most important and impactful for businesses.


Any book originally published in 2023 and available in the United States is eligible. Books must be submitted by the publisher, agent, or author of the book.

Judging Criteria

All books are judged on the quality of the writing, the originality and applicability of their ideas, and their ability to help us understand and navigate the world around us.


Books must be entered in one of the following eight categories: 

  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Management & Workplace Culture
  • Marketing & Communications/Sales & Influence
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Personal Development & Human Behavior
  • Current Events & Public Affairs
  • Narrative & Biography
  • Big Ideas & New Perspectives


Call for entries will close October 2nd.

Recap: The 2021 Business Book Awards

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