Performance Architecture: A Blueprint to go „Beyond Personal Best„

May 07, 2008

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"Regardless of our profession or activity, adaptation is what separates peak performers from the rest. The way we think about pressure influences the way we feel and the way we react. Conversely, acting is adapting. If we act confidently and relaxed, our body tells our brain "no problem here" and we start feeling calm and controlled. The better we become at acting out the emotions we need to feel, the better we can adapt to pressure. [...] Peak Performance Thinking is about drawing out high energy when it counts: it's about Responsiveness and it applies to any area of life. Peak performers can reproduce the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that lead to a state of high, positive emotion or the "Ideal Performance State" (IPS), as defined by [Jim] Loehr. We all have the ability to access IPS and cultivate it towards greater achievement.

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