Destination: Work - Thriving in a Tough Economy by Tapping Into the Discretionary Effort of Your Employees

Harry Paul

May 06, 2009

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"Has your company's bottom line taken a serious hit because of today's lousy economic climate? Has your company tried to fix the situation by undergoing a round or two of layoffs only to see your productivity plummet because of reduced morale and your better performing employees jumping ship to other companies or surfing the internet for job postings on your time? If so, would you like to turn your situation around instantly—as in overnight? If you think something like this is impossible, think again. The secret for turning things around is to tap into the discretionary effort of your employees—get them excited about coming to work and applying every bit of energy, creativity and passion they have toward performing their jobs instead of doing only what they have to do to in order to stay employed."

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