Put Your Mindset to Work: The Secret Weapon in Winning, Keeping, and Flourishing in the Best Jobs

Paul Stoltz, James Reed

June 08, 2011

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"What does it really take to win, keep, and flourish in the best jobs? Let's begin by shattering a sacred assumption. If you want a good job, it's all about qualifications. Put another way, the best way to increase your chances of getting a great job is by upgrading your skills. Right? Wrong! That is, at least according to the thousands of the world's top employers we formally surveyed. Their answers to these four questions can and should have profound implications on your entire career. [...] Mindset utterly trumps Skillset. Not by a little, but by a landslide. That's why trying to win the best jobs by doing yet-more skills training is like training for a marathon by doing sprints and hurdles. It may help, but it's not going to win the race."

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