7 Principles to Upgrade Your Work and Life

September 11, 2013

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"You tell yourself ... It would be selfish and reckless of me to try to break out of my box; I have a family to support, massive student loans to pay off. I can't afford to take that risk. But still, you want in. You want a piece of the new creative economy, the happiness economy, or the purpose-driven career path. You want to make a difference, set a vision, set a course for your life. The whole paradigm of work is changing, and many of us are still stuck under the thumb of the boss in our life when what we want is to be the boss of our own life. We crave the freedom to manage our own time, to be valued for who we are. We want a career that encourages risk and excitement, growth and personal development, learning and exploration. Do you really have to stifle your inner child, who is dying to come out and play in this dynamic new world? Is stultification the price of security? Is it asking too much of your family to risk trying for more? Our parents went to work every day too, but when they looked around, everyone was in the same box, following the same well-worn paths. Now there are those who pave their own paths and create their own futures—and those who are bound by the old system with its old rules."

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