Lay Off Your Buildings, Not Your People!

Maynard Webb

March 13, 2013

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"When I began my career, everyone "went" to work. It was long before the advent of the Internet and personal computers; you had to go to work to gain access to computing power. Most computer centers had people on call 24/7. When there was a problem, they had to drive to the office and fix the problem on-site. There was no such thing as logging on remotely. Employees had to be at their desks to do work. Our inboxes were paper based. We had written phone memos, not voicemail, so in order to receive a call, we had to be in the office. There weren't PCs that could be disconnected and taken home. At that time, it wasn't firewalls that protected the network; it was office walls, and if you weren't inside the office, you weren't able to work. Offices and office hours actually made sense. Now it's an unbelievably outdated concept."

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