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What Are We Waiting for? (Learning to Be Present In an Increasingly Noisy World)

Jeff Goins

September 11, 2013

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"For each of us, there are unique, everyday distractions that call us away from being here now. The temptation to linger in the past or to hope for a better future. The alluring eyes of a coworker who appreciates you more than your spouse does. And every time we are lulled away from our lives and distanced from the moment, we lose something of ourselves and our purpose. And we wonder why the abundant life seems so evasive, so distant. Like something just beyond our reach, it seems to taunt us. And we may eventually despair of ever finding it. In frustration, as a last resort, we may turn to an old but familiar lesson: one of letting go. Of looking beyond personal ambition and replacing it with something better. The slow growth that happens when we surrender to what all these delays and setbacks are really trying to teach us. So it seems the antidote to our restlessness is not necessarily another adventure or experience of a lifetime, but a deep abiding in where we are now. How does this happen? With waiting. Normal, everyday situations that test our patience and cause us to reflect on what really matters."

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